Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Camping Trip | March 13, 2015 - March 15, 2015

Day 1
Prepared and packed the camper for the first camping trip of the season. This trip is a bit more interesting because Suzy will be joining me. Never taken an animal with me camping so we shall see how it goes. Once on the road there was just one quick stop at Walmart to stock up on supplies. Afterwards I made it to the campsite and set up without much difficulty other than trying to set up the camper in the rain. Its never fun to start off a trip when its raining. The forecast showed that it was to clear about by early afternoon.

Day 2
Still raining. Oklahoma weather doing what it does best. Proving the meteorologist wrong with every prediction. We started our day off with a with Suzy playing with the fire extinguisher and squirting a burst across the camper. I don't think she much cared for that and will hopefully leave it alone for now on. Afterwards I figured we would go for a walk since the rain had let up to a slight drizzle. Once we had completed walking down to the marina and checking out some puddles we came back and I started my breakfast. I really hope this rain stops before Paige’s wedding this afternoon at three. Otherwise it will be a wet day forcing her to change her plans on her big day.

Time for some lunch and its still raining. Boo. Can't wait for the rain to stop. I think even Suzy is getting tire of taking her walks in the rain, however she does seem to enjoy wrapping up in her blanket
when we return to the camper. +Jehan Day  came out and joined us for our camping adventure which made the wet weather more enjoyable.

Paige’s wedding was very beautiful even though the rain continued and it had to be moved inside. Her and Cory make a very beautiful couple.

The rain finally ended in evening, not sure if I could handle much more of it. Cabin fever was in full effect. Was very relaxing to sit around the camp file and make some smores together with Jehan and Suzy. Even Suzy seemed to enjoy the warmth of the camp fire while she relaxed in my lap. 

Day 3
The sunshine is showing its face and the warmth of its rays is most welcome after two days of rain. Its amazing how much the sun can rise your spirits. After a nice home style breakfast it was time to pack up the camper from the first camping trip of the season. Even though most of the weekend was spent indoors avoiding the rain it was still a success.

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